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  • You made me look like a genius to my husband, He was really skeptical because we have been beat before, Not only did you help us with the months we... Read More »
  • Thank you Oakwood Legal Group, Mike, Mckoy Mario and the entire team for helping us along the way. What we went through really sucked but OLG helpe... Read More »
  • I had the fortunate pleasure of having Shaun Panochit as my Loan Officer. He provided one of the best customer experiences I have ever had. The amo... Read More »
  • It was a great service I got with Iron Doors Now. We had our door replaced with iron door for home protection and for a change on our home look. Th... Read More »
  • EQP Legal was a great company and I would highly recommend them. Everyone was professional and a pleasure to deal with! Read More »
  • Give it a try - Enjoy all the benefits of membership. Start free online therapy chat with a licensed therapist when you suffered from anxiety, depr... Read More »
  • I ordered colored hemp cord from beebeecraft and they supplied a good product at an economical price. I'm using the cord to make bracelets and neck... Read More »
  • PIG state; They pay their salesmen 40% commissions!!! EVERY $100 you CAN get 40% off. You're being screwed over because they overcharge each item 5... Read More »
  • I'm a small business owner in Texas and wanted to express my gratitude for the customer service staff at Merchant One. I'm not use to all this tech... Read More »
  • A dear friend in Ohio recently suffered a bereavement and I live 3,800 miles away. What to do? I arranged for a basket of flowers to be sent. They... Read More »
  • Our service was completed on time. Our serviceman was courteous and consulted with us before he started. Top-notch service, best quality people. Lo... Read More »
  • this is the excellent access floor supplier from china, top quality products, affordable production plans Read More »
  • Looking for a safe and great service moving company!! Summit Van lines are Definitely the smoothest moving experience I’ve ever had, thinking about... Read More »
  • It's been a while since I've joined a gym. I've never felt so welcomed and without judgement around staff and other members as I did when I came to... Read More »
  • Premium Properties is a very professional company, they communicated and provided all the information clear and in a timely manner. our assigned ag... Read More »
  • This company helped my mother move recently. As you can imagine, there were a lot of fragile items and we were worried if everything would arrive i... Read More »
  • This company is a scam. They told me they can help with no upfront fees and turned around and charged me $3800 and promised me that I did not have... Read More »
  • Probably one of the easiest and fastest decisions I've ever made. Jeff made it simple again to book my flights. He offered different flights for me... Read More »
  • Really happy that I called Iron Door Now. Had a break-in at our neighborhood during the wee hours and they came by the same day. Their salesperson... Read More »
  • Ugh. How I wish I had vetted this place before ordering. ABSOLUTE BAIT AND SWITCH. I chose this site over all of the others because it was the only... Read More »
  • I have bought from many dealers in the past. Have never had this level of service and attention from any of those previous dealers. I have found Go... Read More »
  • I am writing with regards to Christopher whom I have dealt with on a few separate occasions. I have always found him to be extremely helpful and he... Read More »
  • I chose to work with Business Dynamics due to their extensive knowledge and experience. I needed to evaluate my pricing structure and monetary goal... Read More »
  • I really enjoy grow link because they want to see other entrepreneurs grow their business. They give lots of content that’s geared to help you. Read More »
  • I have transported my Toyota Tacoma 2017 with Global last month and am pleased with the service and also the price. I bought a car from Texas aucti... Read More »
  • I bought a 50-inch fire place LED and the crystal exploded for no reason and I communicated with the company and nobody has helped me be careful wi... Read More »
  • Please be cautious of Intelliloan's bait and switch tactics to lure in potential borrowers! Our chief complaint against this company is the mislead... Read More »
  • My contract was signed 2/13/19. I was called the same day as installation 4/25/19. No advance notice. Cobwebs left after job done. Dripping occurre... Read More »
  • Lightning Bail Bonds came through for me and my family at our most desperate time. I am so thankful to them for everything they did for me. Profess... Read More »
  • Very impressed with Integrity Roofing & Siding from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a major job or simply repair work. R... Read More »
  • The company provides the highest quality of design and fabrication. The company's team worked hard to quickly facilitate and accommodate all of my... Read More »
  • Chris Mulder participated in destroying my family.We sought his direction and he went behind our backs and told another family member what we had s... Read More »
  • I have never regretted anything more than dealing with Center Island Contracting (CIC). My project, which added only ~500 square feet to my home, t... Read More »
  • Summit Van Lines worked well as a team dismantling the bed and moving furniture. They were careful not to bump anything. They arrived on time. They... Read More »
  • these guys call me everyday between 10 to 20 times a day. i do not have student loan, yet they don't want to remove my name from their list. i am s... Read More »
  • My husband and i just completed refinancing our home through Loan Depot. Eric Osuna was our guide trough the entire process. He was patient with ou... Read More »
  • "HireRight"? More like HIREWRONG. I've had background checks done on my for prior jobs but this is the first time I've dealt with HireWRONG and the... Read More »
  • Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company. They stole over $1000 from me. They refuse to pay me what they said they would. They lie and... Read More »
  • I am truly disturbed by the level of service i have received at this institution. It all began with a hardship withdrawal I had to make from my ret... Read More »
  • I have purchased Unassembled Perla kitchen Cabinets which has completely superb products compare to several other cabinet companies and got 40% off... Read More »
  • I am highly satisfied with Elder Care Law! They are very competent attorneys with professional staff who truly care about the client. I would use t... Read More »
  • Best quality and assured time is the standard of Color envy graphics. No doubt, Color envy graphics is the best Sign shop in Santee CA. Read More »
  • Global Aviation Infrastructure thoughtful and data driven analysis gave me insight to industry standards and best practices we did not know existed Read More »
  • We could not have done this huge move without Summit Van Lines. Friendly staff and well organized. The crew unpacking was so supportive, with the s... Read More »
  • I placed an online order for my 93 year old mom's birthday. When she didn't receive the bouquet, I sent a nasty email asking where my flowers were... Read More »
  • Helpful company, articles are informative. Read More »
  • I WAS STUNNED! Okay, great business model... but the lack of follow-up, the very low competence, and the overwhelming lack of contact was as I sai... Read More »
  • Amazing articles get sent to me everyday! Read More »
  • Roger Young and Pacific Associates went over and above my expectations for help with my credit card situation! I was skeptical at first but after s... Read More »
  • Working with Scott Twombley to refinance and consolidate our Line of Credit and our mortgage to move to a VA loan was so easy and painless. it also... Read More »
  • Loan Officer School had a lot of great material to use to pass the national exam. The classes were really good as well. I would totally recommend L... Read More »
  • These people are dishonest. They do not pay their vendors and leave your company to foot the bill. Look for a trusted company, don't work with th... Read More »
  • Their comprehensive approach was welcomed by my team. Before implementing any of their strategies and systems, they performed a thorough assessment... Read More »
  • RentLife Property Management is a hardworking team who is very dedicated to both the Owner and Tenant. Read More »
  • Very frankly we saw data enrichment as an additional expense and had not invested in this ever before. We kept procuring more data from different v... Read More »
  • The set-up was simple and seamless, payroll is handled in a timely manner and I have more time for other job duties now as well. I highly recommend... Read More »
  • I have just upgraded my diamond stud earrings from 1.25 carat to 2 carat. They took my old earrings and gave me credit for the full amount I paid f... Read More »
  • It is very important to have confidence in your property management company. Triangle Associates Inc provides a high level of service and quality m... Read More »
  • I'm running children play school. For safety purpose, I am in a need of perfect security guard. I had contacted First Security service and they all... Read More »
  • Thank you Filipina Fiancee Visa! We were very impressed with Filipina Fiancee Visa. We are very happy with the excellent service provided to us by... Read More »
  • Along with assistance, Business Dynamics provided me with a lot of knowledge. What I have learned from them has been priceless in the longevity of... Read More »
  • One of the best experiences ever. You can’t imagine how great of service that Steve Uzan provided. As he pointed out, I’m sure we will enjoy our bi... Read More »
  • I researched many real estate schools. It took me several days of calling and comparing. I spoke with Paula Jeffreys. She convinced me that EP was... Read More »
  • A "broker", Barry Davis, at this company stole almost $300k from my elderly mother, someone he personally knew to have been suffering from Alzheime... Read More »
  • Scott twombley and Trianda Migenes made refinancing my mortgage easy Scott told me what was needed I would Submit it and everything would move forw... Read More »
  • I have worked with these guys for over 15 years now. There is a reason that every realtor on the mountain trusts and respects them with all of thei... Read More »
  • I inherited this house from a family member and didn't know what to do with it. I live 1,000 miles away and couldn't get there to fix it up. Sold q... Read More »
  • I had contacted this company to have my car transported in the month of August. My point of contact was the company's owner; James Randall. The day... Read More »
  • The store has great energy.I made a purchase I am super happy with. Amazing service! Everyone is so friendly! Read More »
  • Dr. Chau Vu is the best dentist ever! A very professional and great experience! I highly recommend! This place is awesome. everyone is helpful and... Read More »
  • Do note they only have a C+ From the Better Business Bureau. There is a reason...They were contracted by AutoGo to move our Corolla from Alexandria... Read More »
  • I've asked multiple times to be removed from their "mailing list," but I get garbage from them almost every day. Their product wasn't very impressi... Read More »
  • My work brings me to far off places and I had actually had a medical emergency in Thailand requiring my medical related documents to be translated... Read More »
  • Brian Havens and his company Havens Realty, LLC bring me their buyers who want new homes, as a Agent for a builder, I rely on Realtors bringing buy... Read More »
  • Kevin Pham provided excellent service in helping us secure a loan to refinance our home in what appeared to be very complicated with impossible obs... Read More »
  • Pacific Associates Corp has been a huge help. I was nervous about using any debt consolidation program for fear of it being a scam. THIS IS NOT. Th... Read More »
  • Fast shipping,Excellent Service, Order 3 Hanbags for my daughter Prompt delivery and cute packaging... even had a lovely little gift in there! Woul... Read More »
  • My son and I have both had a great experience at Ocotillo Lakes Endodontics. The staff is kind and helpful. I highly recommend them for family dent... Read More »
  • Overall the payroll online service is Great, staff is friendly, and their fees are competitive. I highly recommended this firm for company formatio... Read More »
  • Incredible selection, great prices, fast shipping, and satisfaction guaranteed. For these reasons, Gold Gate Capital is the favorite gold dealer. Read More »
  • It was the best moving crew that I ever seen. State To State Logistics were professional and efficient. I will recommend this company for my friend... Read More »
  • I am a 76-year-old retiree just finishing up a series of cardiac rehab sessions at our local hospital. During rehab, I have used both NuStep T4 and... Read More »
  • We transported our Highlander 2018 last month with Global and were highly satisfied with the service. The price was not the cheapest, but reasonabl... Read More »
  • I’m local to Spokane but this review would be beneficial to out-of-townners and college students alike. If you have to rent without viewing propert... Read More »
  • Great service and fast response. Cost was reasonable. Would not hesitate to call Hug Plumbing Heating & Cooling in the future. I highly recommend t... Read More »
  • I am very impressed with this storage facility. It is clean, has easy access from car to unit. All of the staff are friendly and helpful and the ra... Read More »
  • I worked with Mr. Smollins and have never worked with someone so determined to not just acquire my business, but ensure that I felt like I was hear... Read More »
  • Summit Van Lines were great. They were fairly priced and better-than-expected service. They were careful and thoughtful as well as asked actually w... Read More »
  • I shopped around to get quotes for transporting my Ford from Los Angeles to Little Rock. Global gave me the best quote and I had doubts that everyt... Read More »
  • I spoke with Rob from Advantage Gold - and he was super knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely recommend. Read More »
  • they call you to pay 1.99$ for trial and is of no use. they say free consultation but its not true. Fake service and steals all your personal infor... Read More »
  • I thought they were a great way for our small business to stay in compliance, was I ever wrong. Charged me over $200.00 never received anything and... Read More »
  • I had the opportunity to speak with Cody in regards to the self directed Gold IRA and how exactly I could acquire precious metals. He took a very e... Read More »
  • I had made a transaction with a merchant for $300 on PayPal using Friends & Family, despite a part of it being through my bank balance. PayPayl ref... Read More »
  • Bryan Bowmer is the man! He is professional, very knowledgeable and honest. This is my second refi with him and as always the process went smoothly... Read More »
  • I am very happy with how Jeff of Red Rock Secured worked with me to set up an IRA of gold and silver. I invested $55,000 a year ago and the Retail... Read More »
  • I have been a fan of these guys ever since I bought the CEOs book "Start at the End." I also bought their publicity and productivity courses. Great... Read More »
  • I got them to set me up a LLC on 7/12/19, I got their legal package, total compliance and registered agent package.. As of yesterday 9/9/19 I recei... Read More »
  • Very fast and easy process. Completely satisfied with my experience, would definitely recommend to others Read More »
  • The Team applies regular preventative treatments, and responds quickly to any issues that arise. Recommended this great company if you need a roden... Read More »
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